Monday, December 3, 2012

A Special Treat: My Daughter's Hurricane Sandy Essay

I decided to share with you my daughter's essay about her Hurricane Sandy experience. Hold on to your hats!

Hurricane Sandy

     When the hurricane had just started, and by the time the wind started picking up (5:00pm), my father, sister and I decided to go on a walk. Bundled up in boots and a nice warm coat, we set out. The wind whipped all around us, causing our hearts to race. On our walk we saw a house with half of the roof blown away--it was a real tragedy. Thanking G-d that our house was intact and warm, we proceeded.
     While we were walking, a very strong wind blew just over our heads, sounding precisely like an airplane.  My father decided that since the wind was getting a little out of hand, we walked back home. It was a really amazing experience because we were practically walking through a hurricane! But there were many of those who were not as fortunate and got their houses blown away. So we have to thank G-d for our house.

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