Saturday, September 23, 2017

I Soar on Wings of Silver Light: Caribbean Inspired Poetry

I Soar on Wings of Silver Light

I soar on wings of silver light;
And bathe in clouds of purest white;
This silent floating capsule glows;
From golden rays the sun bestows;

Through temperate to tropic zones,
O’er earth’s majestic fields I roam;
When all at once an isle appears;
A bastion of the Caribbees!

Where Columbus and his mariners sailed,
The Spanish, French and Dutch prevailed.
With their galleons and gold doubloons,
Forgotten cays, sailors marooned;

Changing the course of history;
All shrouded in its mystery;
From cannon’s boom to cyclone’s roar;
Toil and strife upon these shores.

From Cuba down to Port of Spain;
The kingdom of the sugar cane!
Where slaves and Caribs toiled in vain;
So much blood was spilled and fortunes gained.
What secrets lie beneath the waves,
In these lands of sugar, rum and slaves?

(April, 2017)

Has There Ever Been a Love Quite So Absurd?

Has there ever been a love quite so absurd,
Or ever so sublime,
As the love between the hibiscus and the hummingbird,
So full of passion yet so benign!

The sweetest honey she provides,
For only one small kiss, 
With no trace of haughtiness or pride, 
She bears upon her lips.

While through the air he soars and glides,
She keeps her feet earthbound,
And when he’s gone she droops and sighs,
Her sadness most profound!

But when he’s there she’s all in bloom,
Her love at once aroused!
This gallant gent her faithful groom,
By love and honor duty-bound!

I Was Walking in a Park Down in the Caribbees

I was walking in a park down in the Caribbees;
And there I spied an ancient bust 'neath the lignum vitae trees,
A king of noble countenance,
With eyes both brave and true,
Our meeting was not happenstance,
When he came into my view.

‘Twas many years ago they say when Denmark ruled these lands,
The sugar mill and fields of cane and beaches of white sand,
When Dannebrog at last came down,
The people wept and cried.
Forsaken by both king and crown,
No longer Denmark’s pride.

From the ashes of the Schleswig War arose a king anointed,
The House of Gl├╝cksburg’s proud defender, to Denmark’s throne appointed,
Two Duchies lost through toil and strife,
So many young lives taken!
For Dannebrog they paid the price,
Let not their memories be forsaken!

King Christian has bequeathed his bust so all may come and see,
This noble, proud and handsome man, a friend to all indeed,
“Fear not the hurricane,” says he.
“For not plague nor scourge nor war,”
“For as long as I remain here,”
“Peace will reign upon these shores!”

(Aug. 2017)


Early One Morning I Heard a Cry

Early one morning I heard a cry;
A plaintive song that made me sigh;
I stepped onto my porch and there,
All ruffled in fiery gold attire,
Stood a bird all yellow, bright and bold;
With eyes too mocking to behold;
A coat of black and eyes like coal;
Around its neck an ivory shawl;
She opened her throat and out it came;
A song so sad I can’t exclaim,
Disdainful, yet gentle, sweet in tone;
This feathered creature from tropic zones;
Her sad refrain held one request;
And so I gave at her behest;
A gift of sugar sweet and pure;
(She was my captive; the honey my lure!)
After taking a sip she sang on cue;
A song of boundless gratitude;
With heart so full, she bid adieu;
Then fluttered her wings and away she flew!

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