Sunday, January 28, 2018

I Dive Beneath the Ocean's Waves - A Poem

I dive beneath the ocean’s waves-
Into a world of blue-
And frolic with the creatures there-
In every shape and hue.

The anemone that beckons me-
With a thousand graceful limbs-
And lips of red that urge me-
To cater to her whims.

The parrot fish with open mouths
And eyes as black as coal-
They wave at me with golden fins-
And bid a fond hello.

A turtle comes to greet me-
With eyes both sad and true-
The sea fans they caress me-
In this silent rendezvous.

Beside me glides a Manta ray-
The giant of the sea-
He flaps his wings and floats along-
So effortlessly!

The urchins with their spindly legs-
And suits of armor too-
Like bayonets they pierce me-
In this aquatic Waterloo.

The butterfly and angel fish-
With streaks of gold and blue-
An ancient grouper of gloomy face-
Bids me a fond adieu.

The laws of nature seem to cease
In this silent, floating dream-
Though life and death surround me-
In the waters of the Gulf Stream.

Beneath the waves I’ve found a place-
Of extraordinary delight-
A silent, wondrous world exists-
So completely out of sight!