Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Land of Alexander Hamilton - Poem

On the isle of Nevis in the Caribbees-
In a Great House ‘neath the cassia trees-
A boy was born named Hamilton-
In this land of sugar, slaves and rum.
His father was a Scotsman proud-
But to wed his Rachel he was not allowed-
And so his fate grew hard to bear-
For this noble son of a Scottish Laird.
So to St. Croix the family sailed-
But luck again would not prevail-
Though they made their home in Christiansted-
Fate would soon strike Rachel dead.
Bereft of mother, father, and home-
Young Alexander was left all alone-
Through darkest night he remained unbowed-
And soon grew tall and strong and proud.
So full of honor was young Hamilton-
He read all night when work was done-
He set his sights on something more-
And wished that he could fight a war.
He dreamed of battles, glory and fame-
Like Plutarch’s generals of great acclaim-
Above his station he dreamed to rise-
Yet Honor remained his greatest prize.
Through Hamilton's pain and sad torment-
His resolve was firm, his will unbent-
No hurricane could yet destroy-
His burning ambition, his boundless joy.
So he left the isles of the Caribbees-
The sugar, rum, the cassia trees-
And sailed away to find his Fame-
Soon all the world would know his name.

But in the Grange his mother yearns-
And silently waits for his return-
Where cassias bloom 'neath the tropic sun-
In this land of Alexander Hamilton!

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