Wednesday, June 6, 2018

One Day While Strolling 'Neath Tropic Skies - A Poem

One day while strolling ‘neath tropic skies -
I saw a pair of wizened eyes.
A little man all dressed in green -
With the strangest face I’d ever seen.

He had a cunning little presence -
And bowed to me with reverence.
Then eyed me with a cautious glance -
This solemn gent I met by chance.

Though old and haggard, thin and frail -
He had the most extraordinary tail.
And seemed amused by my surprise -
I saw it in his ancient eyes.

This garden was his vast domain -
Each flower, each beetle was his to claim.
And when a fly grew far too bold -
He flicked his tongue and ate him whole.

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