Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Hummingbird - A Poem

Hummingbird in the Jardin de Balata, Martinique. Photo by Aurore Guennou.

Alone he stands the Colibri -
Beneath the forest canopy -
This solitary, solemn gent -
The object of my enthrallment.

So gentle, humble, wild, and free -
He drones just like the bumble bee -
And woos the flowers so ardently -
This cunning little Colibri!

With blazing eyes and fearsome beak -
Though I was sure he could not speak -
And wings that shone like gleaming gold -
How I loved him heart and soul!

Pursuing nectar in his fashion -
So ardently and full of passion -
This gentleman so duty bound-
A part of Nature most profound!

I knew at once his soul was free -
And he could not belong to me -
This magical creature from tropic zones -
Belonged to earth and earth alone.

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