Monday, April 8, 2019

An Ode to Franz Liszt’s Rhapsody No. 2

I heard a Rhapsody by Liszt
A strange and exotic, fiery tune
It was in Hungarian—no less!
Beneath a sultry Gypsy moon
The music took me in her arms
And whispered words that made me gasp
We danced until the night was done
With me firmly in her grasp
This Gypsy girl with all her charms
Until she, the song, and I were one

The music swept me off my feet
With subtle tempos of perfection
The cadence rising with each beat
Like a youthful indiscretion
Beneath a starry night the song did rise
With rhythmic virtuosity
This Gypsy girl with eyes like coal
Filling me with curiosity
As we mingled with the fireflies
How I loved her heart and soul

I heard a Rhapsody by Liszt
A fiery tune without a name
The music filled me with such bliss
This Gypsy girl I could not tame
With just one kiss she stole my heart
As we danced beneath the glowing moon
The music rising with each beat
It fused our passion with its tune
And when the time came for us to part
Our parting was so bittersweet