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Transfer Day (2012): In 1916, an island girl rescues a German U-boat deserter and is drawn into a plot of espionage and intrigue on the eve of America's entry into WWI. Based on the true story of a German spy ring in the Danish West Indies.

“An engaging historical thriller. Schiller deftly blends fact and fiction in a page-turner with emotional resonance."
    -Publishers Weekly

Race to Tibet (2015) – France’s most famous explorer, Gabriel Bonvalot, teams up with Prince Henri d'Orleans to be the first living Westerners to reach Lhasa. Based on a true story.

“Fans of Jules Verne’s travel adventures will find Schiller (Transfer Day) has done a solid job of transforming an obscure real-life Victorian expedition into a thrilling yarn.”
    -Publishers Weekly

“An intriguing, sometimes florid, but fast-paced novelistic account of a European expedition into the wilds of Tibet by an accomplished thriller and historical adventure writer.”
                            -Kirkus Reviews

Island on Fire (2018) – A planter's daughter and an army officer are swept up in a whirlwind of black magic, voodoo, and intrigue on the eve of a deadly volcanic eruption that kills 30,000 people.

"A memorable romantic thriller. Schiller nicely balances history and fiction."
    -Publishers Weekly

On a Moonlit Night in the Antilles (2019) - A collection of poetry that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the tropical world. With themes of love, longing, wonder, and nature, take a dip in the soothing waters of the Caribbean Sea. Hear the bananaquit and the night crickets sing, see the lofty tamarind trees, and smell the scent of coconut and jasmine wafting through the air. Take a magical journey to a moonlit beach in the Antilles. Featuring exquisite watercolors that bring to life the Caribbean in superb detail. So sit back and relax, let the soothing colors, sounds, and rhythms of the Caribbean bring you peace and tranquility.

The Lost Diary of Alexander Hamilton (2020) – Traces the life of Alexander Hamilton from his hardscrabble childhood in the West Indies to his growth into self-sufficiency and singular genius in a tale set against the early years of the American Revolution, when tensions were rising in Britain's Caribbean colonies. It is a story of heartbreak, struggle, resilience, and ultimately, triumph. 

"An engaging coming-of-age story of heartbreak, bravery, honor, and triumph."
    -Kirkus Reviews


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